There is nothing more precious than seeing someone you love come through a trying situation and be the overcomer you knew they were. In the middle of chaos, not being able to see a way out, but from your perspective its an opportunity waiting to be taken ahold of.

Its like they are trying to find the switch to a lamp in a dark room. They know it is there but cannot find it, even when it is right beside them. But you see it, and continually tell them how close they are. Anxiety.

Our lives are riddled with friends, family members, maybe even a spouse or a child who deal with it everyday. It makes no sense to those who do not have it or haven’t had to help a loved one navigate it’s treacherous ups and downs. Irrationally it will pull them to a dark place that you cannot help them out of.

Ashley knows this all too well.

giving_keyA dear friend named Lisa lost her dad after only reconnecting a couple years earlier. Her Grandparents who cared for her like parents both died shortly after that. A failing relationship with a mentally unhealthy mom. On top of all that, Lisa and her husband are trying to cope with not being able to get pregnant.

It became so overwhelming she could not breathe at times. Ashley felt led one day to buy her a Giving key. The one with the word BREATHE etched on it. As Ashley placed the key around her neck, and the BREATHE giving key sat on her chest right near her heart; tears began to run down her face and she said: “I feel like I can breathe again!”

Lisa wears this key every day to remind her to “breathe”, anytime life’s stress comes her way which could lead to her anxiety.

The Giving Keys is an amazing way of giving back and paying it forward.