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Kennedy & Eric - Appelt's Diamonds

Kennedy & Eric

Throughout July we choose to #CelebrateLove.

In July 2015, this guy I met online, who I have fallen head over heals with, asked me to be his girlfriend. We had no idea what the future had in store for us. We moved in together shortly after into a small one bedroom apartment in downtown Edmonton. We started working on our careers, working two jobs, just trying to get to the future we already dreamed of.

A year and a half later into our relationship, my littler brother was diagnosed with cancer. With my family being in Manitoba and me being in Alberta, I couldn’t imagine not being there with them. I moved home and Eric and I started doing long distance. What was supposed to be 10 months turned into 18 months of long distance.

During those 18 months, my little brother passed away, our dog became a registered therapy dog, I started a business, purchased a home, and it wasn’t long after those 18 months, Eric and I decided MacGregor, Manitoba was going to be our forever home. Eric packed his stuff up and moved to the Village of MacGregor.

In the four years of dating, we have travelled, lost family, made new friends, moved up in our jobs, and was living the life we always dreamed of, until one Friday evening our relationship went to a new level...

Eric took me out to my childhood campground (Campy World), got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. WE WERE ENGAGED!! As we drove up to my parent's cabin, my car engine broke down driving on the side of the highway of a long weekend... talk about a true test of marriage.

It didn’t take us long to pick a date and start planning our dream wedding — August 22, 2020 was going to be the best day ever... but the world had other plans.

A world pandemic, social distancing, public gatherings limited, large events canceled. We knew we had to postpone it. It was heartbreaking. With our families spread out between Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, we couldn’t imagine having our wedding day without them. August 2021 will be well worth the wait!

As we enter July 2020, we choose to #CelebrateLove by spending time together and with friends and family.