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Eejay & Sharlyne - Appelt's Diamonds

Eejay & Sharlyne

As part of our #LoveLockdownContest, we're featuring couple's proposal stories of when they got engaged throughout lockdown! Did you get engaged during lockdown? You have a chance to win $500 towards a set of wedding bands and a 24k gold trim real rose! Head to our Instagram post through the link below for full contest details and check out our latest proposal feature¬†ūüíĚ

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Eejay and Sharlyne have been together for nine years last year. Eejay was planning to propose to Sharlyne last summer in Paris, but restrictions became tighter. He had to postpone the proposal until Covid restrictions become less tighter, so their families and friends were there to witness it. January 15, 2021 was their ten-year anniversary and he decided to surprise and propose to Sharlyne even though the lockdowns were still strict. Eejay made a plan to blindfold and pretend that he was bringing her to a restaurant during lockdown where no one is allowed to dine in.

He drove around for 15 minutes and parked the car at their old high school, Maples Collegiate. As soon as they got out of the car, Sharlyne thought they were at a park as he was slowly guiding her to the middle of the school. Eejay played their high school theme song, asked if she remembers the song and told her to take off her blindfold. Blinded by the bright lights of the school and there Sharlyne saw their families. Eejay said a few words, got down on one knee, and asked if she will marry him. Sharlyne said yes.