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Lissi & Marcel - Appelt's Diamonds

Lissi & Marcel

Marcel and Lissi met on a dating app, but they were both always looking for something serious. Almost from the beginning, they were so certain about each other. Their similar love for pizza, sports, and loyalty to their friends and family quickly bonded them. 

Before their two year anniversary, Lissi made it clear she wanted to marry Mars, but wanted the engagement to be a surprise—even the ring. On March 13, in Lissi's parent's kitchen, before church, Marcel got down on one knee and asked her the question she had dreamed of hearing since she was a little girl.


She was so surprised and the ring was so perfect. Marcel chose Appelt's because he could be certain that we would have the selection he wanted and the incredible customer service he sought for. So, even though they were late for church, all was quickly forgiven because of this beautiful ring and the joy they both felt that morning. They can't wait to share that joy with their friends and family on September 12, 2020.

Photos by Courtney Elizabeth Photography