Rachel & Tyler - Appelt's Diamonds

Rachel & Tyler

Neither one of us had big expectations when we downloaded the app. Swiping left and right, mostly out of curiosity, but never actually meeting any of our matches in person.

When I came across Tyler’s profile, I saw we both liked the same NHL team. That alone earned him a swipe to the right… not to mention the fact that he’s a total cutie.

Instant match!

Feeling a little sassy that day, I sent a message sure to catch his eye… or, scare him away forever. 
“Hi, I’m your future wife! Go Pens 

Well, safe to say, that did NOT scare him away. We ended up discussing our hypothetical wedding and honeymoon plans before we even mentioned our hobbies and interests. 

Since that first conversation over five years ago, we have been through a lot of major stuff. But the one constant that has remained is our friendship. We face our battles together, as a team. No matter how big the mountain in front of us may seem at times, I know he will be by my side every step of the way.


He proposed at a drive-in theatre he had set up for me, surrounded by hundreds of flowers, sparkling lights, and a magical rain that began the moment he got down on one knee. I guess I was right, all those years ago, when I told him I’d be his wife some day.

Huge thank you to Liz at the Ness location who made the process of ring shopping so much easier for my fiance! We are so excited. The ring is perfect!

Photos courtesy of Rachel Greenway Photography