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Shay & Trevor - Appelt's Diamonds

Shay & Trevor

As part of our #LoveLockdownContest, we're featuring couple's proposal stories of when they got engaged throughout lockdown! Did you get engaged during lockdown? You have a chance to win $500 towards a set of wedding bands and a 24k gold trim real rose! Head to our Instagram post through the link below for full contest details and check out our latest proposal feature 💝

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Trevor and Shay had been dating for almost three years when he proposed on December 18, 2020, in their bedroom while Shay was playing a video game. She already had a hunch he was planning on proposing, so the main challenge for him was to make it still a surprise even though she already had an idea.

Trevor knelt to the floor beside Shay, asked her to marry him and as an answer, she made a joke saying, “it depends, is the rock big and expensive?” They started laughing after that and of course Shay said yes! Shay says their proposal story is not the typical proposal that a lot of people plan and dream about.. there were no flowers, no lights, nothing extravagant, but it was a very intimate moment that summarized them as a couple: goofy and chill. And although there were no music or rose petals or champagne around, she says it was perfect and she wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️