Bridal & Engagement

Tell your love story with a Diamond from Appelt’s.



Engagement ring in hand, you lower on bended knee, look into her eyes and ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. This is a moment of pure joy, and there’s no need to be nervous. When she sees that tiny little box from Appelt’s, she’ll know you’ve taken the time to choose the most distinctive, dazzling engagement ring to be found anywhere.

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The limited selection offered by traditional and larger chain jewellery stores can make the search for the perfect wedding band a challenge. At Appelt’s, your wedding band experience is one of pure joy with the largest, most distinctive collection in Manitoba.

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Tell her you’d marry her all over again with a three-stone diamond ring that celebrates your past, present and future together. Remind her that your love is timeless with a never-ending band of diamonds anniversary collection. Whether classical or trendsetting, Appelt’s has a design that tells your love story to the world.

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