Express yourself

with Diamond Jewellery
from Appelt’s

Whether it’s to show your commitment to someone you love or to express your own unique personality to the world, quality diamond jewellery is the accessory of choice. Appelt’s has always been committed to offering the finest diamonds at the most affordable prices and has an excellent selection of diamond jewellery that will turn heads and raise eyebrows.

Our Belgium diamond collection features three stone jewellery to celebrate your past, present and future together. Necklace and earring sets make the perfect gift for any celebration of love, and our sparkling tennis bracelets are a fun yet elegant fashion statement.

For trendsetters, we have colour-treated diamonds from Belgium for an extra splash of vibrance. The sleek, stylish Simon G collection can be found at our Winnipeg locations. Or, create your own statement with customized diamond jewellery.

At all four Appelt’s locations, you’ll be dazzled by a variety of diamond pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Whatever you’re looking for, Appelt’s delivers!