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Created diamonds are physically, chemically and optically identical to geological diamonds.

Created diamonds are the most rare diamonds on earth.

A larger diamond can be cut from a created diamond crystal than from a geological crystal of the same carat weight.

All you need to know

Created diamonds are identical in appearance to the very best geological diamonds. Not even a jeweller can tell the difference.

The most beautiful of all diamonds are Type IIA crystals.

Only 2% of geological diamonds are Type IIA.

100% of created diamonds are Type IIA.

Our ability to create diamonds is a miracle of technology, but don’t think it’s baking cookies. The process doesn’t always work. And it isn’t cheap. And it isn’t easy. And it requires a staggering amount of energy.

But quality for quality – and price for price – created diamonds are always larger than their geological counterparts.


Here’s Why:

More than 50% of the carat weight of every geological diamond is lost in the cutting process due to the irregular shape of the crystal. But the more efficient shape of created crystals means less of that precious carat weight is lost.

You get a bigger diamond for your money. Created diamonds are real diamonds. They are the most rare diamonds on earth. And you get a bigger diamond for your money. It’s just science.


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