Yehuda Diamonds

Here at Appelt’s
we are the exclusive
dealer in Canada for
Yehuda diamonds.
Clarity enhanced diamonds
at a greatly reduced price! Come and see for yourselves.


Just like the Appelt family the Yehuda family has been around for three generations. The Yehuda family has earned a flawless reputation in nearly every facet of the diamond industry. Appelt’s is the ONLY place to get Yehuda diamonds in Canada. Now just what are Yehuda diamonds? Yehuda diamonds are Clarity Enhanced diamonds. This means that a same quality diamond not enhanced is usually 30% more money . Yehuda and Appelt’s wants to give you this savings!

Just what is “Clarity Enhanced”?

Clarity Enhancement – This revolutionary process optically eliminates “feathers”, which are naturally occurring in most diamonds.
The result is a more visually stunning diamond that you can purchase for significantly less than a similar-looking, non-enhanced diamond.
Yehuda Diamonds are totally natural and the clarity enhancement is not visible to the naked eye. Only your jeweller will ever know that
you own a Yehuda Clarity Enhanced Diamond