85 Years

"Folks say it was a mild summer day in Morden back in 1938, when Benjamin Appelt unlocked the front door to his store for the very first time and invited the public to come inside. Benjamin loved time, and filled his store with almost every timepiece imaginable. If he wasn’t behind the counter, he could always be found at his workbench — surrounded by ticking, whirring, and bells that chimed on the hour — giving his undivided attention to a clock or watch that needed fixing. People trusted Benjamin and it wasn’t long before Appelt’s became the place to visit when weddings, anniversaries and special celebrations called for unique gifts of jewellery."

1938 - Appelt's Opens for Business

After moving to Morden with nothing but his tools, Benjamin Appelt opened a small watch repair shop in Morden, MB.

Here is where we first started to celebrate life's moments with you.

1969 - Appelt's Moves to New Location

Bert Appelt moves Appelt's to 305 Stephen St; at this time we officially become Appelt's Jewellery. 

1993 - First Winnipeg Location

We were ready to bring the Appelt's experience to the big city. 

Expanding to Winnipeg allowed us to bring our services to even more guests.

2000 - Rapid Expansion in Winnipeg

Along with a new Millenium came two new Appelt's locations in Winnipeg. We now had four stores, which allowed us to help our guests in their own neighbourhoods. 

2005 - Appelt's Jewellery Becomes Appelt's Diamonds

As we continued to grow to better serve our guests, our name and logo changed to accurately reflect our services. We became your Belgium diamond connection. 

2005 - Ness Ave Location Opens

It was determined that Appelt’s could better serve our customers in freestanding locations, so we began relocating our mall stores to these locations. 

2007 - Head Office Relocates to Winnipeg

In June, our head office was opened in a separate building from our stores in Winnipeg, MB. It was relocated from its previous location above a post office in Morden, MB.

2008 - Regent Ave Location Opens

To continue our plan to relocate our mall locations into freestanding buildings, we opened at 1581 Regent Ave. 

2009 - Kenaston Blvd Location Opens

The last Winnipeg mall location closes and reopens at the Kenaston common. 

2009 - Goldsmith Joins the Appelt's Team

We believe that in order to provide the best guest experience, we needed to bring in a goldsmith to work in our stores and offer their services to our guests. 

2010 - Introducing Rock Solid Diamond Warranty

We believe that your diamond ring should always remain a shining, shimmering symbol of your love, which is why we introduced our Rock Solid Warranty. 

2013 - Jeff Receives the Key to Appelt's

Bert Appelt formally hands over the keys to Appelt's Diamonds to the next generation, Jeff Appelt. He continues to lead Appelt's into the future as CEO.

2015 - Horologist Joins the Appelt's Team

In keeping with our roots, we brought in a horologist to bring watch repair services directly into our locations. 

2018 - Introducing #CelebrateLove

This is a core belief system that we are here to help celebrate the love between partners, families and friends. As well as give back to a community that has given us so much support throughout our history.

2019 - We Do Custom

In an effort to better serve our customers, Appelt's employs a custom designer. By sketching in real time in front of his clients, Dodgie is able to bring your dream piece to life.

2020 - Online Shopping Launches

To better serve our clients, you can now shop Appelt's jewellery from the comfort of your own home.

2022 - Morden Move and Renovation

Not only did we completely design our store to create a better jewellery experience, we moved into a larger building. But don't worry, we're only a short walk away from our original location.

2023 - Ness Renovation

After laying the groundwork with our Morden renovation, we brought that better jewellery store experience to the city and renovated our Ness Ave store.

2023 - Celebrating 85 Years

This summer it has officially been 85 years that we have been celebrating love with our wonderful clients and communities.

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