Watch Services

Expert In House Watch Repair

Our expert Horologist and professional watch maker Ilya, has 29 years of experience in repairing and refurbishing ALL types of watches for our Winnipeg and Morden locations.  He is known around Manitoba for his expert knowledge and experience, completing most watch repairs for jewellers accross Winnipeg.

Ilya is trained and certified in many brands of timepieces including Tissot, Omega and Rolex just to name a few.  To see his extensive list of certifications please see below.

Skip the middle man and come see him in our Ness ave location.  He is always ready to assist you with any watch repair or service need you may have.

The following prices are only approximate as every time piece is unique and may require different work. Please note that you do not need to make an appointment for services and we welcome walk-ins!

Watch Services
Watch Services

Our expert team in each of our locations are ready to assist you in bringing your loved items back to the way you want them.

Introduce our watch service team

Our Services

Some of the many watch services each of our 4 locations offer by our expert horologist, watch maker and specialists.

Eva Foam
Battery & Gasket Replacement

Our service specialists are able to assist you with having you watch battery changed quickly and professionally while ensuring the water resistance of your timepiece is maintained.

Non slip surface
Sizing & Asjustments

Our team of specialists will adjust the size of a watch, regardless of where it was purchased. If need of a new watch strap? The service team can assist you with a replacement.

Water Test & Seal

A water test & seal is done to guarantee water resistance as intended by the manufacturer. This is recommended during a battery change. This service includes a new battery, new gasket and washing of the case and bracelet.

Complete Overhaul

The complete overhaul service restores the functional and the aesthetic aspect of the watch. It includes the dismantling, overhauling and replacement of all worn components in the movement.

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide watch repairs?

Yes, our on-site horologist and professional watchmaker at our Ness Ave. location has 29 years of experience repairing and refurbishing ALL types of timepieces.

What type of repairs do you do?

Please see the above list for repairs and approximate prices.  For any repair not listed, please contact your service team and we would more than happy to assist you.

How long does it take for my items to be repaired?

The average time for most general repairs are 2-3 business days. The time does vary depending on the type of work being done. Our expert service specialists can guide you on how long your repair should take.  

How much does it cost?

See above for the approximate cost of our most common services. For an accurate quote, bring in your jewellery items for a FREE estimate by our expert service specialists. All prices are given upfront so you have the choice of whether or not to go forward with the repair.

Do you change watch batteries?

Yes, all of our locations are able to assist you with having you watch battery changed.  The cost to change a battery starts at $15 and takes around 3-5 business days.  In a hurry? Ask one of our specialists about our rush fee to enjoy your piece sooner.

Have Questions or Need Service?

Let us know how we can assist you. Enter your information below and one of our amazing members of our service team will reach out to you.