Rock Solid Diamond Warranty

When you purchase diamond jewellery from Appelt’s Diamonds, it’s guaranteed at no additional charge.

From the pretty, little diamonds all the way up to the big, dazzling ones—even if you lose a diamond—we’ll fix it or replace it. All maintenance is free forever. It’s that simple.

Our Rock Solid Diamond Warranty ensures your diamond will maintain its beauty in the many years to come and it will be just as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

We suggest you come in every six months so we can clean your jewellery and inspect your diamonds and mountings. You and your diamonds will love it! But, don't worry if you miss it once or twice, it won't void your warranty. 

By the way—we can’t guarantee you won’t entirely lose your jewellery. For that, you need homeowner’s insurance.

Rock Solid Diamond Warranty applies to all merchandise purchased after July 31st, 2013.

All maintenance is free forever, including rhodium plating, re-tipping of the claws, sizing, cleaning, and polishing.

It's not just diamond rings — it's earrings and pendants too!

*Please note for jewellery purchased outside of Manitoba, you will be responsible for paying to ship your piece to us and we will cover the cost to ship it back to you.